Is Mario Kart Wii dead?

If you play Mario Kart, you know about Mario Kart Wii. It was the most successful game in the franchise.

I never really hear about it anymore. Since Nintendo Kicked the leaderboards off Wii, MkWii has been well, dead. MkWii was IMO the best because bikes were new and exciting. it had an actual aspect of go-karts which was the purpose which was KILLED with Mario Kart 7 and the introduction of gliders. Mario Kart 8 killed it even more with zero gravity.

R.I.P MkWii

my favorite video game RIP ūüė¶


Top 5 Overrated Pokemon

Hey guys so today I am at the Kalos Library For Pok√©mon Only and I am going to make a Top 5 Overrated pokemon list. I probably will do “Shade’s Pick 8” instead of top 5 because 5 is too small and 10 is too much so yeah. Sorry about having ANOTHER late meme and rage comic…..

Number 5:

  • Chespin

So yeah, you may like chespin and all but people like him and I never cared for Chespin.

Froakie is better IMO.

I agree that Chespin is sort of cute but he is also sort of ugly.

Chespin’s species is “Spiny Nut Pok√©mon”


Would you think it cute if I got some nut still in its shell and drew a face on it?

Number 4:

  • Lucario

I am running a risk here… Lucario is the icon of Mega Evolution and Riolu is very unpopular.

What I don’t understand is WHY?

Lucario is Fighting-Steel two cool types.

What are the things on the back of lucario’s head?

Number 3:

  • Dragonite

Dragonite is…


UGLY ( what are those barb-y thingys on his mouth? )

I just don’t like dragonite.

Number 2:

  • Charizard

This is alright. It’s cool, but people WONT STOP TALKING ABOUT CHARIZARD!!!

It’s like mewtwo, strong, dual mega evos, and rare ( more or less ).


To recap,





Now, lets move on to #1……………………………………………………..

da da da da!


Pikachu is the essence of overrated. Pikachu is the ICON of POKEMON, electric types, and just a little on the video game world.

Ash has a Pikachu

Pikachu has been in the Pokémon Center Store in Tokyo FOREVER!!!

The end.